On 28.12.2018 against 19.15 a vacation a married couple walked from the lake Chiemsee in the village of beaver Creek in the direction of Beilngries. Both went to the left of the roadway. A 22-year-old Romanian worker travelled with a Car, the local road in the same direction of travel. After he had gone to the rear of wife gone, he turned his Car suddenly to the left and advance grazed the approximately four-metre-be husband. He fell and suffered serious leg and head injuries. He was spent after initial treatment by the emergency physician with the CRPD in a surrounding hospital. The Car driver drove first, and returned after about a Minute of the accident. For the sake of completeness is reported that the accident Car minor property damage. The volunteer fire departments in Beilngries/beaver Creek were used for traffic control.

Beilngries, main street

under the influence of Alcohol lost it

On 28.12.2018 against 00.45 a.m., a 20-year-old asylum-seeker had to be orientated from Beilngries””. During the Encounter, he held a bottle of vodka and a wooden slat. He was found doing it as a show and a Car occurred. The exact circumstances of the incident with the heavily drunken (1.5 per thousand) young man have yet to be clarified.

This post is provided by: the police Beilngries. An editorial review by FOCUS Online has not taken place.

police Beilngries


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