the upper salt mountain street mountain Berchtesgaden, The Car-driver ran together with his wife and another well-Known downward direction. Below the documentation he said he was, due to the prevailing winter road conditions, to the right of the road. In the embankment next to the road, the Car in the trees stayed with me. All three people were uninjured and were the terror.

During the accident recording by the police of Berchtesgaden, it turned out that the Car was only equipped with summer tires. A local towing company had to salvage the Car.

The upper salt mountain road was closed at the accident site for about ½ hour. Against the Arm indicator will be refunded due to violation of the obligation to use winter tyres.

the damage to The Car amounts to approx. 5000 €

This post is provided by: police, inspection of Berchtesgaden. An editorial review by FOCUS Online has not taken place.

police inspection Berchtesgaden


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