With the explosions, significant damage was done. In one case, the perpetrators came to cigarettes, and stole these.

One of the damaged mailboxes was in the Helgolander Straße. Here, Unknown blew up in the night to Tuesday the letter box of the party offices of the AfD. The culprit fled undetected. Since adjacent letter-boxes were left untouched, can not be excluded a politically motivated act. The state protection of the police of Bremen has taken up the investigation.

On Monday, the 31.12.2018 against 02:55 PM observed a witness, after the Explosion of a cigarette machine, six, obviously men, flee the scene. The Volatile should be between 20 – 30 years old, three of the men were wearing caps at the time of their Commission base ball and a white outerwear. An immediate manhunt for them was negative.

for More cigarette vending machines were obliterated in Burglesum and Gröpelingen, in addition, eight letter boxes in the Bremen Neustadt and the rear window of a VW Polo in Huchting.

The police of Bremen asks: Who has made suspicious observations? Notes of the forensic service at the phone number (0421) 362-3888.

In almost all cases, explosives residues were found, so it is assumed that the explosives were conducted using pyrotechnics or by so-called “Poland firecrackers”. The police would like to draw attention expressly to the fact that the so-called Poland firecrackers are banned in Germany. The possession and handling are in accordance with the explosives act punishable by law. The background is that these firecrackers are criminalised, bodies whose extreme dangerousness compared to other in Germany approved fireworks.

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