people who have perceived at the time in question Suspicious, or otherwise pertinent information are asked the police station Friedrichshafen, Tel. To apply 07541/701-0,.


Drunk drivers

signs of the influence of alcohol, a 34-year-old motorist who was stopped on Sunday at about 16.00 o’clock by officers of the police station in the main street and checked. After a positive breath alcohol test, which resulted in more than 1.1 per Mille, which prompted the police officers, the removal of the blood sample, seized the driver’s licence and the onward journey said.


under the influence of Alcohol accident causing

for drink driving, in consequence of which it came on Sunday evening at 20.45 o’clock to a traffic accident on the Outer Ailinger Strasse, is currently investigating the police against a 23-year-old car driver. The woman was heading for the city on the road, was probably due to their drinking too far to the left and ran over a traffic island, as well as the thereon traffic signs. Then you went on with your badly damaged Car and a flat tire. In the further course ran over the young woman, another traffic island, which was not damaged, turned short to the left, in the navigation of the Rhine road and stopped their Cars on the sidewalk. Shortly thereafter, she was controlled by officials of the police station, said the woman, a significant blood-alcohol and breath-alcohol odor. After a positive alcohol test, the police officer said the drive, seized the driver’s license and prompted the removal of blood.


hit-and-run after a minor Parking dents

When reversing out of Parking spaces, it came on Saturday night, at 21.30 p.m. in the Church road to a damage of more than 3,000 euros. An unknown driver of a probably silver-grey small car had hit a parked Mini Cooper and then taken from the scene, without having to worry about the property damage. Any clues, the police station, Friedrichshafen, Tel. 07541/701-0.


rear end collision

property damage of more than 8,000 euros is the result of a rear-end accident on Sunday at 11: 30 a.m. in the main street. A 55-year-old BMW driver was probably due to carelessness on the Audi of a required traffic light, the 30-year-old man. By the impact, nobody was hurt.


a traffic accident and escape after the lining process

An accident with property damage of several hundred euros, occurred on Saturday morning at 08.45 p.m. in the tower garden path, when an unknown vehicle sideswiped a roadside parked Audi. Without the property, were directed to take care of the damage, drove away in the Unknown. Any clues, the police station Überlingen, Tel. 07551/804-0.


After an accident

fled In or out of Parking spaces collided with an unknown vehicle on Saturday between 15.15 and 16.45 against a in the Parking garage West of the parked BMW and then looked for the Wide, without having to worry about the foreign damage of around 1,500 euros. Persons who may give instructions to the ‘polluter pays’, are requested to at the police station Überlingen, Tel. To report 07551/804-0,.


drivers under drugs influence

A 22-year-old motorist was checked on Saturday at 16.30 h in the sea of Burger street by officials of the police station Überlingen. Here, the police officers noticed signs of drug influence. A urine test was positive, which is why the young man brought into a hospital where a blood draw was requested. The journey was banned for 24 hours.


After Parking bumps

witnesses fled the police after a traffic accident escape, committed by an unknown vehicle between Friday, 22: 00, and Saturday, at 13.00, in the Old neufra cher road. The Unknown grazed, presumably, when reversing out of Parking spaces on the Parking lot of a restaurant, parked the VW and drove away, and the property, plant and taught to take care of the damage in the amount of about 1,000 euros. People who have observed the accident, are asked to be at the police station Überlingen, Tel. To report 07551/804-0,.

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