A woman and a man, both between 50 and 60 years old, were admitted with stab injuries in the abdomen and sometimes also in the face to the hospital. A police officer was treated for a stab wound to the shoulder, but again was discharged from the hospital, as it was called in a communication to the police. The injuries were not life-threatening.

The incident occurred in a train station Manchester Victoria in the centre of the city. A according to eye witnesses, stabbed the attacker with a large kitchen knife on his victims, but was overwhelmed quickly by rushing to the scene, police officers using pepper spray and a stun gun. In a short Video that the BBC showed, was to see how multiple officers pin a man to the ground. According to the newspaper “Manchester Evening News” reported eye-witnesses, the attacker was called “Allah”.

mass brawl with 50 Participants in Cologne: police moves with machine-guns to FOCUS Online/nonstop news mass brawl involving 50 Participants: use hundred in a Cologne high-rise estate cvh/with AFP


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