at about 15:40 PM stormed a masked and with a battle-axe armed offender in the, in the Konrad-Adenauer-Straße description the betting office and made by the repeated exclamation, “money”, that is a Robbery. By the Beat of the bile’s big on the counter, tried the offender to give in to his demands in addition to reproduction. A business present a 36-year-old employee opened the cash register and began directly to the existing notes in an offender brought fabric to pack a bag. Allegedly this took the culprit for too long, whereupon he went behind the counter. In this Situation, the 36-Year-old stepped in and took advantage of the perpetrator of the hatchet. The following developed between the offender and the employees of a scuffle for the bag. Since the 36-Year-old continued vehemently against the perpetrator, who appeared a number of times in his direction, and struck, to the military, it was not possible to bring this ultimately, the bag with the money, whereupon he began to flee, and the business left. Witnesses were able to observe the perpetrator, as this ran first in the direction of the field, mountain center, but below, out of sight got. Immediate police investigation measures in the district of Neu-Anspach remained ultimately unsuccessful. The slim and exotic-looking perpetrator is described in the age of approximately 25 years, and a size of approximately 175 cm. His dark, long hair he had tied in a high ponytail. At the time of the Unknown dark clothing was wearing and had moved to the partial occlusion point of his face in a scarf over. The extent to which the above-described fact is a Thursday, 30.01.2019, in the wide street in Neu-Anspach, held Robbery of a lottery outlet, a connection that is the subject of ongoing investigations.

witnesses who may have seen the offender, either in advance or after the fact in the surrounding area of the field, mountain center or the adjacent streets, or other informants are asked to report to the police station for robbery-related offences of the criminal investigation Department in Bad Homburg, Germany under the number (06172) 120-0.

This post is provided by: PD Hoch-Taunus – police headquarters West of Hesse/news up to date. An editorial review by FOCUS Online has not taken place.

PD Hoch-Taunus – police headquarters West of Hesse/news aktuell


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