The Regional control centre in Kiel-documented for the entire district 96 operations (104 in the previous year) for the period from 31.12.17 (18 hours) to 01.01.18 (6 o’clock). In the jurisdiction of police station of Rendsburg, there were 28 operations (24 in the previous year). The service group Director of the police station of Rendsburg voice from a mediocre burden. It was mostly alcohol-related disputes, but also smaller fires by stray fireworks or re-light fireworks batteries. At 00.15 am (01.01.19) had a total of six trucks radio dispatched to the nienstadt road. A 22-year-old woman had been hit by a firecracker on the feet. They had to be treated on-site by the crew of an ambulance on an outpatient basis. As the matter should be clarified in a hallway””, escalated the dispute, with a baseball bat was used and a 27-Year-old on the head. His opponent (29) hidden in front of the arriving police, but was taken in an apartment and taken into custody. It is determined because of bodily injury. In bordesholm, a 49-Year-old after a family has taken the dispute into custody. The family peace was already on 31.12.18, 20.50 PM in the mill road to falter. The man blowing the 2.4 per thousand, and must answer for itself now due to injury and resistance against enforcement officials. Around 00.25 am (01.01.19) burned at Linden square, a hedge. She was advised by an improperly drawn up new year’s eve battery in fire. To 01.20 p.m. a 61-year-old motorist was seriously injured when he was lying in the area of hops pitcher / Liethberg (Bordesholm) a trench ran between the trees, through the Parking garage, raced, rolled and on the roof. The driver was under the influence of alcohol; a Test showed a value of 2.4‰. The driver’s license was seized a blood sample taken. Not yet estimated the damage to property that arose in the case of a carport fire in Wattenbek (rose street). The fire brigade was alerted at the 01.01.19, against 01.20 PM. A burnt-out, but not extinct battery of fireworks had been stored under the Carport and had inflamed. The first fire fighting actions of the owner prevented worse. A parked VW was damaged. No one was hurt.

Sönke Hinrichs

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police Directorate in Neumünster/news aktuell


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