after a verbal exchange between the people was the force of the driver and the bike driver’s car. The car driver pushed the Bicycle rider with his passenger cars. The cyclists departed on the sidewalk, and the car driver followed him at a short distance on the sidewalk. On the basis of an obstacle on the sidewalk, the people had to car drivers back on the road driving. After he left the Venue.

should have seen the car A couple of with a dark-children of the incident.

you and any other witnesses are asked to contact the police inspection Haßloch-Tel. 06324/933-0, Fax 06324/933120, email: to apply.

This post is provided by: the police Directorate, Neustadt/wine road/news up to date. An editorial review by FOCUS Online has not taken place.

police Directorate in Neustadt/wine road/news aktuell


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