the First investigation to follow should the fire break out in the basement of the house, after craft work has been carried out. Thanks to the fast and professional intervention of the fire service, the Spread and Spread of the fire could be prevented at other buildings in a timely manner. The exact circumstances are not yet known. To is not a personal injury it came. The total damage is expected to be according to the current state of investigations in the lower five-digit range. The police Neuwied is recording, the further investigation on the following day. A total of 40 firefighters were men from the fire Heimbach fight back-Facing and Engers, a vehicle from the ambulance service with an ambulance and two patrol police inspection Neuwied.

This post is provided by: police Department in Neuwied/Rhein/news up to date. An editorial review by FOCUS Online has not taken place.

police Directorate in Neuwied/Rhein/news aktuell


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