Here a 28 was attacked-year-old from a 21-year-old, and suffered through a punch a burst lower lip. The bat could not be found by the radio patrol. On the basis of witness statements is however who it is.

another brawl in the same Location, the police was informed against 03:50 PM by the rescue coordination centre. With the Arrival of a wounded Person was found lying on the floor in front of the restaurant. The 18-year-old man seemed to be when Leaving the restaurant overthrown. At Inspection of the man was found with him a telescopic baton. The floor was ensured, furthermore, an order has been initiated administrative proceedings for violation of the weapons law. For clarification of the incident, the police ask stuff notes: Tel.: 06332/976-0 or (

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police Directorate of Pirmasens/news aktuell


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