In the period from 25.12.2018, 11.00 am to 27.12.2018, 11: 00 am, an unknown offender to the gate of the metal fence of a weekend property in the Triftweg and steel from the cottage, two with petrol-filled 20-Liter metal canister, 10 litre canister filled with a gasoline mixture, a 5-Liter canister with gasoline, a electric hedge trimmer with a telescopic extension, a Guess is made of metal, as well as a 20 m long rope.

the Estimated value of the Stehlgutes: approximately 250,- Euro. In connection with the fact, a dark station wagon, and fell with a PS plate that was parked at the time of the crime room, on the weekend of the terrain. The Police Inspection Of The Two Bridges (Tel. 06332/9760 or is looking for witnesses of the fact. Of particular interest is the type and the mark of the dark station wagon, and that was before the weekend the hut are parked.

This post is provided by: the police Directorate of Pirmasens/news up to date. An editorial review by FOCUS Online has not taken place.

police Directorate of Pirmasens/news aktuell


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