On state road 44, as well as the country roads 3193 and 2310, the officials in control of the speed limits, as these routes accident, are the main focus. On the Offenbach Hesse ring the speed limit is 30; here, the traffic police measure, with a view to the safety of residents, staff and visitors in the height of a senior living home.

We wish all road users, that you reach to keep your goal.

Planned measurements in the area of the following are Fixed:

07.01.2019: L 3193, district of Langenselbold, in the direction of travel Hüttengesäß

08.01.2019: B-44, district of Neu-Isenburg, in the direction of travel of Mörfelden, L-2310, district frog Hausen, in the direction of travel a B 45

09.01.2019: L 2310, district of Seligenstadt, Seligenstadt, hill junction, L 3221, district of Seligenstadt, in the direction of travel Seligenstadt

10.01.2019: Offenbach, Hessen ring, in the direction of travel country-Graf ring, L 3347, district Nidderau, in the direction of travel Roßdorf

Offenbach, 04.01.2019, press office, Andrea Ackermann

This post is a Bureau of Southeast Hessen – Offenbach/news is currently provided by the police. An editorial review by FOCUS Online has not taken place.

police Department South – East Hesse- Offenbach/news aktuell


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