around 10:15 p.m. a taxi driver pressed his panic button in the village street in Mönkeberg and informed the alarmed police officers that his passenger had disappeared without pay in a family house. When you try to contact threatened the 49-year-old Accused the officials of the police station Heike village with a knife. The suspect barricaded himself in the upper floor of the house by blocking the Windows with furniture or other inventory covered, so that the insight was denied in the house. In the further course of the Police co-ordinated pull up control center, the eight other squad cars to surround the house and keep the situation stationary. In addition, the Volunteer fire Department Mönkeberg and rescue service were in a safe distance for the emergency. Due to the high risk grade of the access counter at 12:45 was carried out by the specialized forces of the police Directorate in Kiel. The Accused could be successfully and taken into custody overwhelmed. According to the current state of knowledge, e.g. led to problems in the private sphere to the mental condition of the accused, which was not under the influence of alcohol is also irrelevant. After the completion of the investigation by the occupational health doctor of the district of Plön, the Accused was forcibly admitted to a specialist hospital in Holy port.

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