In the trunk of the vehicle was a 11 kg gas cylinder. As it turned out later, was not turning the shut-off valve of the gas cylinder completely, which is why minimal Gas leakage occurred. After the filling process, the driver tried to start the car and it came on the battery to a spark, which ignited the Gas-air mixture. In the case of the deflagration started the vehicle interior fire. Since the driver’s door was still open, was able to leave the 61-Year-old, the vehicle immediately and remained unharmed. With the fire extinguisher, the gas station, he was able to delete the vehicle. Of the employees of the gas station was interrupted to safety via an emergency switch, the fuel supply to the fuel dispensers. The Freiwillige Feuerwehr Schorndorf, Department Haubersbronn, which was indented with nine people and one vehicle, pushing the vehicle out of the danger area. At the Car property damage in the amount of 1,500 was built,- Euro.

Backnang: basement fire in a Hotel

The Volunteer fire Department from advanced Backnang, Germany, on Tuesday, against 0.23 p.m. to a basement fire in a in the Eugen-Adolff-Strasse, centrally located hotel. After Lighting a firework rocket on the opposite side of the road as a “launch device” used bottle had fallen over suddenly. The rocket flew in the grid window and exploded in the boiler room of the hotel. Here, the insulation material and the plastic jacket of the hot water boiler caught fire. Until the Arrival of the fire brigade no persons were in the building. The fire was extinguished by the fire brigade Backnang, which was with 36 staff and six vehicles in use, quick and to the boiler room is limited. Thereafter, all the rooms were ventilated and about 50 guests and was able to move into your accommodation. The resulting material damage is provisionally estimated at 50,000 euros.

Backnang: negligent arson

for reasons not yet understood cause is a building in the rear of a residential and commercial building caught fire on Tuesday, against 02.40 p.m. in the garden street. The roof of this intermediate region consisted of plastic. It cannot be excluded that there is a firework landed and the fire has caused. The fire spread to the roof and then went on to the residential and commercial building. The facade of the building and the office space of the ground floor of the Computer business were damaged in the process. The preliminary property damage, with 70,000 estimated, – Euro. All the residents were able to leave the house in time and were unharmed. The fire in Backnang was with 30 people and six vehicles. The extinguishing works lasted until 06.15 PM.

Rommelshausen: damage to property due to Arson

Monday night at 22.10 p.m., was the content of a stainless steel trash can in the Parking lot of a food market in the Charles street on fire. Probably a firecracker was placed in the dustbin to the Explosion. Due to the enormous heat development, behind the trash can located in the glass window of the market, got several cracks. The Freiwillige Feuerwehr Kernen, Department of Rommelshausen, was with 15 people and three vehicles. The resulting damage to property amounts to 4,000 euros.

Welzheim: Container caught fire

Due to improper disposal of spent fireworks a in front of a house in brick street, parked a yellow Container fell on Tuesday, against 01.05 PM, in fire. This was deleted from the volunteer fire Department Welzheim, which was indented with eight people and 2 vehicles.

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