According to the previous investigations of the traffic accident in Pforzheim, the driver was with his Car from the direction of Deckenpfronn coming in the area of the scene of the accident due to slippery and partially snow-covered road in a long left curve into a Skid came from, and from side to side on the slip against the road surface. There he collided with an oncoming minibus, which was staffed with a total of 4 people. The vehicle of the perpetrator was dismissed and hurled into an adjacent Meadow. The 22-year-old driver was fatally injured. The 38-year-old Vehicle, the captain of the oncoming vehicle, and the 3 ride-children under the age of 11 years were provided in a hospital. The B 296 was in the area of the accident site until 19.05 fully blocked, a redirect was fixed. Material damage was caused in the amount of about 15 000 euros

Alex Renner, leadership and management centre

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