he came to the Federal street 26 / junction state road 45, in the direction Babenhausen, to the right of the roadway and landed in a ditch. Witnesses had previously noticed the slow speed, the action can be observed and immediately the rescue coordination centre informed. In spite of immediately initiated rescue measures, the man died still at the accident. According to the initial findings were involved in the accident other traffic participants. Whether a medical condition was the reason for the accident has not been determined. The police station in Dieburg has taken up the investigation. For the duration of the salvage operation, which was closed at this point, two-lane course at the end of Federal street 26, for around 60 minutes, single lane.

This post is provided by: police headquarters South Hessen/news up to date. An editorial review by FOCUS Online has not taken place.

police headquarters South Hessen/news aktuell


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