According to present knowledge, the man went into a local multi-family house to the front door of his neighbor, which is not opened. Here he damaged the door panel of the door with a large kitchen knife. In addition, he sparked to this door is a fire, he lit a subject. Furthermore, he was continuously vocal threats.

before the Arrival of the first police officers of a man armed with a knife, returned to his apartment and barricaded himself there. He responded to Appeal to massive threats against the officials and the neighborhood. From the man who was already convicted of a similar offences to be known, was a significant risk to public safety and order. This is the reason why the other tenants had to leave security to the multi-family house. You were able to stay until the end in a nearby restaurant. In addition, the new villages the road was blocked around the site.

To use the coping of special forces of police were requested. The special forces were able to take the man at 18:40 PM unharmed in custody. By an ambulance, the training was carried out in a specialist clinic. A mental disorder could be the reason for the behavior.

The Instrumentalities, a kitchen knife with a 20 cm-long blade was in the man’s apartment found and seized. Also the man is destroyed in his apartment a lot of device objects. The further investigation of the entire circumstances are to be conducted on 30.12.2018.

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police inspection Brandenburg


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