a significant number of fraudulent Calls from so-called Call-Center fraudsters have been reported to the police.

On Wednesday afternoon by two Unknown men rang the bell at the front door of a 88-year-old Bremer’s in Huchting. They spent as a civilian police officer who wanted to inform the retirees about the issue of domestic burglary. So you gained access to the apartment and began brazenly and immediately, all of the rooms for other valuables to pick through. The 88-Year-old, the Situation was becoming increasingly strange, so he decided to call the police. When the culprit noticed this, they pulled him on the phone from his Hand and fled from the apartment.

A similar case happened in the Vahr. There are two men gave themselves up on Wednesday afternoon as police officers and tried to gain access to the apartment of an 88-Year-old. These saw through the insidious mesh, however, immediately, and beat the scammers in the escape.

In Bremen-Kattenturm brought the wrong roofer a older lady to your money. They pretended to have Work done, which had actually never happened. The lady paid the two men, who fled afterwards. They are described as approximately 35-40 years old and should have been dressed in work clothes and accent-free English spoken.

The police asks possible witnesses to the incidents, to report the crime duration of service on 0421 / 362 3888.

Even over the phone, Criminals tried to go on Wednesday to the belongings of the elderly. The police came to talk to around 30 of such fraudulent calls. The Scam: callers pose as relatives of the victims and pretend to have a financial emergency. You ask whether the Victims of cash or jewelry in the house and frequently send a “friend” who collects the money. Often displayed a fake phone number on the Display.

The police warns before this stitch. You are such callers always suspicious, hang up and call the police. For more tips on how you can yourself from such Scams, you are given free of charge at the prevention centre, the police, telephone 0421 / 362 19003 or www.polizei.bremen.de

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