May the fire created by the Burning of fireworks.

Against 21.15 residents of the Kurt-Huber-Straße heard first a loud Bang. Immediately afterwards, the furniture was on the balcony of the Elderly woman in flames. According to witnesses, probably three teenagers are supposed to be from the scene between house and garage yard run. Forces of the Bremen fire Department were able to extinguish the fire quickly. The 89-Year-old was as a precaution to hospital, could be released to outpatient treatment. The wait was worth it.

The police of Bremen, asks who made it on Friday evening in the area of suspicious observations and notes. Witnesses are asked to contact the crime service under 0421 362-3888.

In this connection, draws the attention of the police once again to the dangers of new year’s eve firecrackers. Again and again it comes around the new year’s eve day to serious accidents or fires, because fireworks are not used properly, or illegal products to be used. By the negligent handling of fireworks, it not only brings yourself and others in danger, you may also be liable to prosecution. Numerous tips on the proper handling of new year’s eve fireworks, see

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