just before closing time he entered the business, to a cable disconnect on the emergency exit door. In this case, the Alarm was triggered and the offender fled.

Bremervörde. A 25 year-old Damaged acquired at the 27.12.2018 via an Internet portal, a camera lens for over 400 EUR. After Transfer of the amount of the item has not been delivered and the seller is no longer reachable.

arbach Kate. Motorway Police Sittensen. A large-scale operation for the highway police Sittensen and the fire brigade in the district of Harburg were triggered by a dangerous goods transport on the 03.01.2019 on the roadhouse Aarbachkate at BAB 1. Around 11:00, the police was to escape a tractor-trailer reported in which hazardous substances. The highway police found the truck and trailer with dump semi-trailers of a freight forwarding from the district of Rotenburg (Wümme), wherein in the area of the tailgate color and Lackbafälle leaked and on the road to the fins. By the motorway police in the Parking lot of the grid system was evacuated Sittensen Aarbachkate. The fire Department Hollenstedt together to seal with the Gefahrgutzug of the district of Harburg, the leak at the tailgate temporarily, and a further Leakage of hazardous substances to prevent. By the loading company truck with a special pump was sent to the grid system, the parts of the charged liquid abpumpte. Then, the transport of dangerous goods was able to continue his journey with a police escort to the place of unloading in Hamburg. The access to the grid system Aarbachkate had to be locked for the duration of the Fire service for several hours. A concrete danger to persons due to the resignation of the substances according to the fire Department, which was over 90 emergency workers on-site, not.

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