The patrol officers of the police station Wismar were at the Schiffbauerdamm and monitored, among other things, compliance with the road closure, which had led the city of Wismar due to the rise in water level. Then, when a vehicle stayed on the block miss, trying to get the officials to follow the vans and drove in the water-covered part of the road. Already after a short time, the colleagues realized that they had underestimated the water level and turned. Before they had solid ground under the wheels, failed the patrol car. The car was recovered by the fire Department and a tow vehicle for the Department.

After the engine is turned yesterday, he failed today. Against the Background of the determination of injury and a repair, the vehicle was brought in for a workshop. The extent or the amount of damage is currently unknown.

Whether the officials for the damage caused, is currently being examined by the police inspection Wismar.

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