at around 17: 30 the man, the residents of the house woke up in the upland road, because in addition to the usual Sylvester was pounding suddenly hear an extremely loud Bang and Windows rattle. In the case of the Inspection of the Senior discovered a approx. fist-sized hole in the bedroom window, and a large piece of metal on his bed. The piece of metal had apparently hit the Thermopane glazing and landed on the bed. In the case of the research on the origin of the piece, it was easy to find. The his house opposite the plot of land is provided, instead of with stones, with a metal plot of land to be amended. Directly in the amount of the damaged house is a large piece missing in the bezel. It is clear that this missing piece had literally been blasted out. In connection with the previously have heard a very loud Bang of the suspects for the police, that a previously Unknown had been brought to the place a so-called “Poland firecrackers” Explosion. The explosive effect was so strong that a several centimeter large piece of metal strip was blown across the road about 10 meters flew, and on the opposite side of the window of the house through. Maybe the blasting of the body was also from a self-laboratz. The term “Poland firecrackers” in Germany are illegal, often in the East of Germany are produced fireworks known. Fireworks with such explosive effect are legal in Germany not available. The idea of what would happen if the piece of metal lying on the living room window would have a few meters next to it, is frightening. Here, the 88-year-old had been sitting in front of the TV. The police has initiated investigation proceedings due to the violation of the explosives act and are asking for any information on the possible polluter. Maybe Hagen people are in Saxony, noticed, had handled the year with a remarkably loud and powerful fireworks. Notes takes the police in the city of Hagen under 05721 / 40040.

This post is provided by: the police Nienburg / Schaumburg/news up to date. An editorial review by FOCUS Online has not taken place.

police Nienburg / Schaumburg/news aktuell


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