Between the Brandenburg landkreise Märkisch-oderland, Oder-Spree, Spree-Neisse and in the city of Frankfurt (Oder) is expected to be a co-operation agreement with the Voivodeship of Lubusz completed, such as the Ministry of the interior in Potsdam, announced on request. “Between the districts of Uckermark and Märkisch-oderland is planned to be a comparable cooperation agreement with the Voivodeship of West Pomerania.” The Saxon district of Görlitz and the Voivodeship of lower Silesia are in a similar voting process, such as the Saxon of the interior informed the Ministry. In the first half of the year 2019, a Meeting was scheduled to discuss the draft of the cooperation agreement.

so Far, the legal Basis for cross-border emergency rescue is regulated depending on the Region, very different. Often language difficulties can be criticized. In the Spree-Neisse region, for example, after circle data, the Problem is that ambulances are not allowed to drive in the emergency in each other’s territory.



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