Only 2.3 points separating Markus Eisenbichler in front of the third Jump in Innsbruck, Austria on Friday, Ryoyu Kobayashi, the leader of the four-hills-tournament 2018/19 – that is equivalent to just one and a half meters. However, the qualification at the Bergisel meant a severe setback for the 27-Year-old, 116-Meter mean rank 32.

“Now, I have a trashed,” said Eisenbichler. “It was not a grenade, but it is only the qualification, thank God.” His Plan: to “Tick off the leap.” His Japanese rival Kobayashi was, however, no nakedness, and won the qualification, he jumped on 126.5 m.

Eisenbichler starts approximately 30 minutes earlier than Kobayashi

This also means: Markus Eisenbichler will go as the fifth jumper in the Competition, the Japanese only about 30 minutes later, as the last Athlete in the first round.

Exactly may be at the wind-prone system at the Bergisel is a definite advantage for the Friday snowfall at temperatures below the freezing point have been told in Innsbruck also advance. It wouldn’t be the first Time that the third one or the other tour Jump-dream bursts. ARD and Markus Eisenbichler

In the past, were cancelled at the Bergisel again and again to Jump due to weather conditions after the first round, not infrequently, early started Springer won.

Markus Eisenbichler even want to know anything, though. “I have no thoughts”, incited from Bayer, which is still waiting for his first world Cup victory, on the weather forecasts.

Eisenbichler duel with the Austrians

iron Bichler hits as a Quali-32. in the first pass, on the Austrian Philipp Aschenwald, the 19. was. Ryoyu Kobayashi duel with Aschenwalds compatriot Clemens Leitner. Positive: in addition to iron Bichler were with Karl Geiger (6th), Stephan Leyhe (8.), Richard Friday (12.), Constantin Schmid (30.) and David seal (33.) all the other German Start-up to qualify.

the fact is: To live the Chance to be the first German overall winner of the four hills tournament since 2002 (at the time, Sven hannawald), must increase, Markus eisenbichler.

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