“Many of the challenges we face, we can only solve together,” said the Chairman of the nature conservation Federation (Nabu), Johannes Enssle, in front of the 43. Nature conservation days at lake Constance, which begin on Thursday (for up to 6. January). “We hope that many people give parties and people of their voice, campaigning for a strong and United Europe.” As one of the most pressing issues Enssle is intensive agriculture, which have great influence on species diversity. “In the European agricultural policy, the money should be spent so that it does not harm the nature, but it helps.” On Saturday, the EU Common agricultural policy (CAP) will be addressed in the nature conservation days.

The other program is, among other things, to the promotion of biodiversity and dealing with the Wolf in the state of Baden-Württemberg. “The Wolf is a Ghost, unfortunately, we have forgotten how to deal with him,” said Enssle. It was now, together with animal solutions for a good stove holders can find protection.

The nature conservation days are organised in the annual change of the nature protection associations Nabu and BUND.



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