suddenly There is a new in the choir. As the Bundestag deputies of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group met the other day to the traditional Christmas party, was much as always. Good atmosphere, relaxed conversations contemplative atmosphere in the “Tipi” at the Chancellery. But as German Chancellor Angela Merkel and CSU land group chief Alexander Dobrindt “Makes the door” blasted, they were not only supported by the Mozart children’s choir, but also of Ralph Brinkhaus. The new under the Vorsängern experienced to the Premiere of the hardness test. Because Merkel was not satisfied to sing the three printed verses, but she wanted to wacker all sing. Five. The rest of you could see “on the Smartphone”, recommended by the Chancellor. And so it happened.

100 days Brinkhaus — 4691 days Kauder

Union of harmony – that was on 25. Not to expect September, not necessarily, as Brinkhaus stood for election as the Chairman of the group against Volker Kauder. And, against the Express wish of the Chancellor. The Westfalen was able, what had him trust in the political Berlin, almost no one: He won. Against the man, the legend, this office and write was 4691 days.

In the first few weeks, you had almost the impression, Brinkhaus was even a bit surprised by his Scoop. And so, he was employed intensely in order to insure all again and again, between him and Angela Merkel is not a sheet of paper, pass””. That he chose here, of all places, the formulation of Gerhard Schröder and Oskar Lafontaine, the former Duo Infernale of the SPD, at the time of prayer-mill tried-like, has put, apparently, until today, no one. Anyway: brink house of the Unions-not the Store’s up a little bit, the Chancellor to falter, but he wanted to.

more work warned

is That his choice is probably to go in to the gross point of view of some historians as the actual “beginning of the end” of the Era, Merkel, as the beginning of a cascade that began with her renunciation of the party Chairman, can brink to affect the house. Wanted, he has the certainly.

The others in the group has let Brinkhaus know soon, they should “keep the Tuesday evening better.” Because in the future will really be discussed in the group meetings. At 15 o’clock you start the round, and in fact, they take often longer.

more work is warned: Brinkhaus is one of the to involve his colleagues, but also wants to challenge. The 50-Year-old, a working group “corporate tax reform”. The group will set its own character, beyond the stamped plans of the government. He has stated that he wants to take digitalization seriously – even in your own house. And so, the group is building a Newsroom.

journeyman’s piece “migration Pact”

Brinkhaus’ main job: Talk. At the Christmas party he went from table to table to explore, as it is beyond the atmosphere of Christmas, the mood is ordered. He invited a few days ago, all speakers of the Union to the conversation — almost 200! Search contact, mood, explore, work. So he makes the.

How could channel it a few weeks ago, the explosive topic of “migration Pact”, has him introduced this is also the respect of the Chancellor. The UN document, writes it in the core of an international set of rules, the minimum humanitarian standards and cooperation in the labor migration. Germany is the profiteer of the Covenant and the obligations of future immigrants, can not be even speech, as by interested sources over the months, was scattered. Nevertheless, the FPÖ, AfD and other right-wing populists in the world, had compromised the communication of the Pact.

Politically superfluous, educational

The wildest rumors made the rounds, and also many members of the CDU and CSU were on the trees. What Brinkhaus fact? He made a request to prepare, or in anyway held Self-evident once again. The SPD moved in with, and the Bundestag became a symbol. The paper is, strictly speaking, redundant, calmed at the end, but the minds of nearly all coalition. Politically, the paper was redundant, psychologically, but valuable. Style Sample Brinkhaus.

In the case of this topic, he worked closely with his SPD-colleague Andrea Nahles. How’s it going otherwise with the two? When he talks about the 48-Year-old, it sounds polite, but quite sober, less enthusiastic than his predecessor, Kauder. The relationship of the two Supreme Grand coalition parliamentarians is described as a “solid working relationship”.

Brinkhaus relies on “AKK”

The financial expert at the head of the Union group is not a speaker, none of that produces a cool spell, the cheap headline. Great political waves, he has not produced yet. In the debate about the new CDU-top, he held back consistently. He is neither a great admirer of Friedrich Merz as a declared Fan of Jens Spahn. Brinkhaus, since most of them are safe, and relies on Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer. Otherwise, he makes his thing.

peace, friendliness, and collegiality: One of the Humble in the Land of the serene in Westphalia is not. Ralph Brinkhaus thinks obviously of later. And so he gives way whenever the question is asked whether for him, not even once, in the Chancellery of the question could come loose, smiling. Currently, the 50 has not been confirmed-Year-old’s Ambition was, indeed, as one who knows him very well. The Whole way is quite far. Such ambitions but for all the future, for the coming years, of which today no one knows how the whole situation is, to exclude, he could use later exactly this Option. The man has made some good experiences to be underestimated. And now he’s doing his Job.

Ralph Brinkhaus


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