the Association of the “image”newspaper confirmed. Thus, the 33-Year-old have donated in the fall of 2016 9000 Euro for a project in Northern Iraq. There, refugee children, psycho-social help. Relotius was accused to have the donations in the amount of 7000 euros for their own purposes.

Relotius apologizes

Meanwhile, Relotius apologized, according to his attorney “specifically for all of the helpful donors”, the need to feel in your good intention to deceived. Relotius will refund “all the donors their money back in full,” said his lawyer, Michael Philippi. In fact, Relotius in his bid to collect donations for the alleged orphans on his private account, “the Illusion of the real existence of the described two sisters will be maintained.”

The “mirror” had published in July of 2016, under the title of “king’s kids” a Text of Relotius, in the of this described the life of an alleged war refugees, Syrian Geschwisterpaars in Turkey. As a result, the Hamburg-based magazine received several letters from readers who wanted to donate for the children.

Systematically falsified

The “mirror” had announced a week ago that the 33-year-old award-winning Journalist reports had, in whole or in part, systematically falsified. He had characters, quotes and events invented or the biographies of real-life protagonists distorted. Relotius wrote for the publisher since 2011, almost 60 texts and has also worked for other media. The “mirror” announced a comprehensive workup.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit “act of shame”: a German refugee, Savior, appeal to Merkel to send government vivi/with Material from AFP


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