would Actually celebrate the Federal Minister of education and now their first success. It is the beginning of December, the gray sky hangs over Berlin. And Anja Karliczek (CDU), 47, must give a bitter defeat. Your most important project to digitize German schools, with five billion euros, has just been stopped by the länder. The fear that the Federal government meddles in the future, in the education policy. And Karliczek can not prevent your digital Pact fails, for the time being at least. “We have made our part of the work well,” she says, a little peeved. “The Ball is now in the Prime Minister. I don’t interfere with that.“

A Minister who no longer want to interfere in your prestige object? From the point of view of Heinz-Peter Meidinger, the President of the German teachers Association, a monstrosity. “Woman Karliczek has failed in this important question of the Digitalpakts”, writes he. You must let the Failure of “personally blame”.

CDU counterpart, “not surprised” that Karliczek in the case of renegotiation is sitting at the table

In the coming months, the country heads will have to negotiate with the Federal government, with Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD). Karliczek on the outside, what amazes is also a party to friends. “The Federal education Minister does not feel responsible. That surprised me,“ says baden-württemberg’s Minister of culture, Susanne Eisenmann, how Karliczek in the CDU. For Eisenmann, your colleague makes in Berlin, too many errors. And, above all, she wants is not the capital of their policies dictate.

Exactly nine months Karliczek is now in the office. However, successes you may have in the past. The greatest attention attracted so far, of all places, with a victims statement to the digitisation: The new mobile radio standard 5G was “not in any milk jug necessary,” lectured Karliczek at the end of November. Consumers and entrepreneurs alike were outraged, party friends shocked.

Even party friends accuse her of, it was bad.

The number of supporters has not since become greater In the case of the SPD, and also in their own party, many say that she was “in the topics”. Some even find that she was overwhelmed””. Is Karliczek, which can annually distribute EUR 18 billion and the fourth-largest Department of the Federal government, directs that your office grown?

Even well-minded to say, Karliczek have taken too long to show in the Job. The hotel woman from North Rhine-Westphalia, which sits later business administration at a distance University in the year 2013 in the Bundestag. In less than five years, she has managed from a simple Deputy to the Federal Minister.

How is it that Karliczek supplies in the Ministry of education? The digital Pact was announced by Johanna Wanka (CDU), Karliczeks predecessor, more than two years ago. The länder have to wait since the money. Where are the Wanka-million, questions the Minister of education mocking, and whether it Karliczek-should be millions.

in Trouble with former Secretary of state

the digital Pact so long to wait also depends on the Ministry itself. There Karliczek met in the spring at the civil servant state Secretary Cornelia Quennet-Thielen, at the same time, Amtschefin and thus de facto lady of the house. Quennet-Thielen had already been by Annette Schavan (CDU), Karliczeks Vorvorgängerin, brought to. Between the new Minister and of the Secretary of state with a decade of experience, it didn’t work simply is to hear from the Ministry.

In July, offset Karliczek your Secretary of state finally retire. After three months passed, until the new Secretary of state Christian air began its work. He had previously been the topics of education and research at the Federal Chancellery responsible, have brought a “fresh Wind and a new tone in the negotiations” over the digital Pact, reports members of Parliament and state Ministers.

SPD-Boss insulted: “Waiting eagerly” to the law draft from the Ministry of

However, the digitalization of schools is not the only major project that has to cope with Karliczek. The SPD reminds the Minister with the almost thief of joy: “woman Karliczek, please do not hesitate to us your law to submit designs,” said SPD Leader Andrea Nahles, a few weeks ago in a Bundestag speech. “We are waiting eagerly. In the Hooves, please.“ Karliczek shook his head and complained to your seat neighbors.

Until next summer, you should amend the vocational education act novel. Now you to bring the SPD and the trade unions. In the future, all trainees should receive a minimum training allowance, the minimum wage for apprentices. Karliczek presents 504 euros per month in the first year.

The SPD is mad at the Minister, the proposal was not voted on. Yasmin fahimi, a spokesman for the SPD parliamentary group for vocational education and training, calls for improvements. “I’m not sure whether Mrs Karliczek has recognized the political Dimension of the novel, really,” says Mr. fahimi. The SPD wants compensation, a significantly higher level of training. The German Confederation of trade unions called for 635 Euro for the first year.

“I wonder sometimes whether you even want to our Expertise,”

Even the business is dissatisfied with the Minister. In October, the economic and employers ‘ associations and trade unions got together to rebel against Karliczek. Point of dispute: the National Board of education, to be able to ensure the same Standards in the German education policy. “We think it is due to the great importance of vocational education and training (…) mandatory, that the peak associations of business and the trade unions will be represented on the National Board of education alike,” reads a letter of complaint to the Minister.

it employer-Vice-President Gerhard Braun, DIHK chief Martin Wansleben, craft-the General Secretary Holger Schwannecke and DGB have Signed Vice-Elke Hannack. Karliczek don’t want to, however, appointed expert to the Council which will inevitably come from associations and trade unions. “We are looking for the regular exchange of information with the Minister. There is little but comes back to her,“ says an Association representative. He’s already had to deal with many Ministers, he says. “Karliczek I wonder sometimes whether you even want to our Expertise.”

the National Board of education, it has become since calm. In the States some hope that he comes at all. The digital Pact was originally intended to 1. January 2019 to come into force, so that the schools can get started already a few weeks later. Nothing is Helmut Holter, the Thuringian Minister of education (Left) and current President of the conference of Ministers of education believes. “I’m going to assume that the money will only flow to the new school year,” he says. Perhaps the Minister Karliczek a mixed Yes.

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