As Daniel Ricciardo announced in the summer of his decision to leave Red Bull in the direction of Renault, has been speculated a lot about the motivations of the Australian. He felt the Team is not appreciated or he had to fall not afraid of Max? “I can’t is to say, as many Parts of the Puzzle,” he says. But the team-internal Crash in Baku has a proportion, as he reveals now.

at the Time, Ricciardo was driving team-mate Verstappen, after the two pilots were around long in battle. After Red Bull, Salomon was both drivers an equal Share of the blame, however, as the Team with the incident is handled, Ricciardo annoyed – even if he doesn’t want to be resentful.

“I don’t think I was really in debt, even if I was the one who had hit him,” says the Australian, and refers to the two-time Switching of the line by his team-mate – a forbidden defense tactic in formula 1.

Although he is aware that a large brand is behind the Team and that it wasn’t any good, if both drivers would go at each other, nevertheless he felt somewhat ill-treated: “I had the feeling that you are both on the same debt. Maybe I’m just stubborn racers, but for me, it was not the same debt, it easy Express.”

previously, there had been between the two contact and not a few experts are of the opinion that Red Bull earlier intervention would have. Some even go so far as to say that the other way around Ricciardo for Verstappen would have had to make room. “How did you handle it, did not at the time, with me just fine, I guess,” says Ricciardo.

that Was also the reason for the change to Renault? “It was a small thing that has annoyed me,” he beckons. “But it was not the Decisive factor.”

This article was written by Norman Fischer

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