As Roberts ‘ ship “Indigo Star” next to the “Eclipse” is, he decides, the mighty ship view up close. So he makes up his drone for takeoff and doesn’t know what he throws. During his camera the huge yacht is approaching, pixelated the image.

“is not to be trifled with. Very likely to be a defense system against drones”, says Carmen concerned. Robert: “So smart, we would have had to be, who already has a missile defense system, which also brings a drone from the sky.”

But that’s not enough, the Situation comes to a head. “It’s a little bit of panic set in. Not only that, the drone is on the Fritz. The guys that were in the back on the swim platform, armed with the goods,” says Robert.

“Had all the guns in the holster”

“have persecuted us; with the Tender, it wasn’t harmless. Don’t have the Kalashnikov on the attack, but all of them had the pistols in the holster!” Finally, the Geissens, however, their drone to capture the dust.

The next Time Robert to his neighbors, nevertheless, prefer not to spy: “It was a tough situiation. You do not want to create as a German, Yes a Russian.” the

In the FOCUS Online/Glomex Pietro Lombardi’s Worried about Ex Sarah pk


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