the 58-year-old “erotic icon” Sibylle Rauch (“Popsicle”), the German voice of ‘ 80s-Zottelviehs “Alf”, Tommi Piper (77) and the 74-year-old singer and producer Peter Orloff (“A girl for always”).

In the jungle also:

  • the Bob-Olympic champion Sandra kiriasis and her (44),
  • according to the RTL self-proclaimed millionaire Bastian Yotta (42),
  • Bachelor of science candidate Evelyn Burdecki (30), and
  • “Bachelorette”candidate, Domenico De Cicco (35).

in addition,

  • actress Doreen Dietel (44),
  • are: the Sex expert Leila Lowfire (25),
  • “Germany’s Next Topmodel”candidate, Gisele Oppermann (31),
  • Vox emigrants and “sausage man” Chris Töpperwien (44) and
  • “Good times, bad times”actor Felix van Deventer (22) in this year.

Reigning jungle Queen

In the past year, Jenny Frank Hauser, a half-sister of TV star Daniela katzenberger, had won.

In the jungle show play for years, every January, several more or less prominent contemporaries against each other. Who can endure the longest in the jungle and not from the audience out is selected, it is allowed to call himself “king of the jungle”. the jungle camp, 2019 – The Holt, the broadcast dates of the “I’m a celebrity – get me out of here”

FOCUS Online/Wochit disgust alert: Ex-Bachelorette-winner David Friedrich power leech-cure beb/dpa


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