since 2004 President of the Britz was a “convinced European”. In Saarbrücken, Germany, people from 150 Nations lived together. “The saarbrücken mayor is one of the most appreciated town leaders of Germany. She has become a role model for men and women in local politics,“ said of Hove. The World Mayor project in 2018, was dedicated to women in local government.

The World Mayor Prize in 2018 for the best mayor in the world according to the notice to Valeria Mancinelli from the Italian city of Ancona. Additional certificates of merit will be awarded to the Mayors of Doncaster (United Kingdom), Rennes (France) and Zamboanga City (Philippines). In addition, six more Mayors were awarded with the title “” honored, including the Cologne mayor Henriette Reker (independent) as the only other German.

in 2016, the award went to Bart Somers, mayor of Mechelen (Belgium). The Foundation was established according to 2003 as an independent, non-commercial think tank, to support the mayor of cities around the world in the development of innovative and sustainable solutions for urban challenges. They signed every two years, the best mayor in the world.

dpa Charlotte Britz, the mayor Mayor of Saarbrücken certificate of honor Hove SPD Tann strengthening London Bart Somers, the mayor of Doncaster, Ancona local government of Zamboanga City Rennes local politics Valeria Philippines model a think-tank men in the UK, Germany, Belgium


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