A day earlier, he had announced that the country will make a motion to take the bill on Friday of the agenda of the chamber of States to lead to settlement talks in the dispute. The had taken care of the Green coalition partner for large lack of understanding.

In the coalition agreement between the CDU and the Greens is settled that Hesse contains different views of the Alliance partners in the Federal Council of the voice. It was also been decided at the beginning of the week in the Cabinet, – said Deputy head of the government, Tarek Al-Wazir (Green). An agreement on further applications did not exist.

abstention in the coalition agreement enshrined

government spokesman Michael Bußer said, “Should be included in the present draft law in the Bundesrat to vote, Hessen – as agreed in the coalition contract.” The Federal government wants to declare Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco and Georgia to the so-called safe countries of origin.

The Prime Minister was of the opinion, however, that the concept of “safe countries of Origin” as a Symbol is misleading, said the spokesman for the government. Rather, it is a matter of accelerated asylum procedures for asylum seekers coming from countries with low recognition rates. On this basis, Bouffier believe further discussion would be useful to come to a development.

Opposition speaks of yaw rate

The state opposition of the SPD and the FDP, criticized the announcement from the Wiesbaden state Chancellery sharp. The Parliamentary Manager of the SPD parliamentary group, Günter Rudolph, spoke of a yaw rate and a first unbridgeable gap between the CDU and the Greens. Since the coalition was apparently a common attitude in the position, will block the process in the countries of the chamber.

Hesse’s FDP leader Stefan Ruppert also expressed no understanding for the Plan of the Prime Minister. There is no new progress, and so far no facts known to the subject, which would justify an extension of time for consultation. Black-Green is a key solution to the creation of social peace block”,” said the FDP politician.



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