respect is very simple. Verena Bentele is a guest in the ARD-Thursdays-Talk “Tough but fair”. The viewer makes his own thoughts, because the eyes of the VdK-President of the Hiking when you Speak so disoriented. Running line, the editors could explain after some time: The woman is blind. She is handicapped””. At some point, the editorial explains. Verena 12-times Paralympic champion is Bentele””. As a biathlete and cross-country skier, she won medals from 1998 to 2005, twelve of gold, and was four Times world champion. The ARD writes about “disability”. It pays tribute to the “performance”. As simple as that, with respect. But in the show Yes to the so-called “pension”. And it remains difficult. Because it’s not about the gesture. It is about the money. FOCUS Online

The “respect of the pension” had many names. And never take a Chance

Hubertus Heil occurs as the new healing figure of his SPD. Of respect he is talking about. That performance must be worth it. “We talk,” repeated the Minister of labour in an endless loop, “very industrious, hard-working people. We must, as a society, something of value.“ This is, of course, much applause. But Moderator Frank Plasberg is prepared by its editorial staff. The idea of “respect pension” Hubertus Heil is wearing these days like a monstrance in front of his party, is a recycling product. In 2011, the “grant a pension was”. In 2012, the black-and-baptized-and-yellow coalition, “life pension”. In 2013, she became a “solidarity-based life pension”, and in 2016, then to the “legal solidarity pension”. None of this has ever been implemented by a of the invention, joyous parties. Hubertus Heil is the historical criticism of his “respect pension” anno 2019 to run off. The show but only, he says, “how badly needed is this.”

The presenter remains mercilessly to that evening

But Frank Plasberg remains merciless. He lists what has called for the SPD exactly is this Monday so everything is full-bodied. Children’s basic security. Citizens money instead of Hartz IV. Longer unemployment benefits for long-term contributors. Twelve Euro minimum wage for all. Then a right to the Home Office. Plasberg this is called the “SPD-action back to the brand’s core”. In the population, this is the first time you Think is good. The SPD sets out once again in the polls. Plus two to now 16 percent. 61 percent of Germans find the idea of “respect pension”. “To be running, Lord of salvation”, paints an ironic picture Plasberg on the site.

The SPD watering can makes much the same: part-time and full-time

Difficult is the big SPD-a promise to fight the second Think is. As a guest, Susanne for FR sitting in the round. She works as a cleaner in the hospital. 35 years, you pay into the pension scheme. 715 euros and nine cents will do you expect as a pension. According to the “respect of pension” Hubertus Heil, you would be at 1002 Euro. “Yes,” says the woman in the round, “that would let me sleep better. A little bit.“ That sounds good. On the one hand. On the other hand: A colleague who works the same length in time, gets to the healing model almost as much. Part-time, that would still 977 euros. Only 25 euros less in spite of part-time vs. full-time employee: Is this fair?

Christmas in February. And time for a party exclusion procedure

“don’t you Start that again, to zerquatschen the” Hubertus Heil, such Rechnereien as a small-minded move away. “This is a business show of strength,” he admits. What we are at the actual Problem, if the SPD sets up the Christmas trees in February and huge gifts for all including. At least five billion euros alone will cost the “respect of pension”. Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz, has just identified a huge financial gap. According to his calculation, Germany is missing in the coming years, 24.7 billion euros – without the SPD-choice of gifts. It would not initiate at the time, a party exclusion proceedings, and to throw the Finance Minister Olaf Scholz of the SPD?

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