Move your

is a nerve-before-wracking process. In addition, the family wants to leave their previous home in Unkel. Too painful, the memories of the youngest, Elma…

perpetrators in hookah-Bar

met The case had caused bewilderment. On 1. Advent had been found the dead body of the schoolgirl in the room of Brian S. (19, Name changed). The German-Kenyan who lived in the property, had met Elma in a Bonn hookah Bar (read more here). He has acknowledged the fact, sitting in U-detention.

donation account set up

Thus, Elmas family does not have to cope with in addition to the sorrow also financial difficulties, have Girlfriends on “justice for Elma C.” a donation account set up.

This article was written by Iris Klingelhöfer

*The contribution of “After the brutal death in St. Augustine: parents move want to – too much reminiscent of Elma…” comes from Cologne-based Express. There is no editorial review by FOCUS Online. Contact with the executives here.

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