More than 100 low-Zeller on last Friday afternoon, on the Initiative of the citizens ‘ movement mount angle (BBB) in the athlete’s home on the current planning status of the DB Netz AG with respect to a crossing of the Kinzig valley in the case of low cell informed. They also wanted to know what are the legal possibilities to prevent the construction of a 700-Meter-long and 35-metre-high railway bridge for a new ICE line from Frankfurt to Fulda. BBB-group chief Hans-Konrad Neuroth said: “It is five before twelve. But not too late, because the actual spatial planning process is not yet set in motion.” He recommended the lower animals, the meeting of the Ortsbeirates on 15. January, starts at 19.30, and the information event on may 31. To visit in January in the Steinauer market hall. “Silence is the worst tactic. We need to take articulate and self-initiative.” To illustrate the dimensions of a Bridge of such size, had the BBB at the low-Zeller wastewater treatment plant, two large red balloons in 35 meters of height increase.

Affected by a dam-bypass the Steinauer district of Belling. Because of the Route alternative IV, to which the railway has set, Schlüchtern Tunnel through the Bellinger mountain, and another bridge in the district-Drasenberg provided.

The citizens ‘ dialogue in the athletes home BBB spokesman Norbert Wuchenow had declared: “I can’t shake the idea that the route to the variant of state IV-b for four years.” The stone Auer, mayor and lawyer, Malte Jörg Uffeln emphasized that for him personally, a decision in favour of the variant was made IV b already. “Variant IV – Eastern bypass – the DB is also in the planning process. The bird mountain variant definitely will not be the Application version.”

Certainly, the Bahn AG of Stuttgart 21 have learned and with the establishment of a dialogue forum for more transparency. The meaning and purpose of it was but also, space resistances. And which had been articulated for a dam-crossing clear after the return was manipulated to have been a variant Bellinger mountain two years ago discarded. “We citizens do not have the choice of the route in Hand.” The mayor reckoned that the presentation of a spatial planning procedure will be carried out next spring or summer. Then everyone could, but also authorities, initiatives and communities objection to present. When we announced the application documents for the regional planning procedure could be opinions posted.

In a discussion wanted to know a low-Zeller a citizen, why the variants I, II and III were through the Spessart overnight from the table? If perhaps political pressure from the Bavarian Spessart was exercised? This Christian Behrendt from the passenger Association Pro Bahn said no. He could understand the resentment against some of the CSU Federal Minister of transport. “Polemic Hesse against Bayern to pit makes no sense. The railway triangle Fulda-Frankfurt-Würzburg. The departure of these three variants had only technical reasons.” Behrendt spoke for a bundling of the existing line. What is the train relates to plans for the Germany-clock, Schlüchtern by the three sound-Situation with focal points to Fulda, Frankfurt and Würzburg are quite good prospects for development. Jörg Uffeln painted was of the opinion that the ICE project would bring improvements to the transport network. “Here we can achieve with pragmatism is the Best for the Region.”

other participants in the discussion complained that Schlüchtern’m completely boxed in, the local politics and the citizens made but little resistance against it. A citizen wanted to know from the experts as you take because, in fact, influence the course could, for example, that you sell your property. “How long is an expropriation may take proceedings?” (Dietmar Kelkel)

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