A SG-Dynamo-Dresden-trailer is not likely to be with the so far unsuccessful season for his team-too-satisfied – in any case, the Fan was in the Parking lot of a Kaufland store in the Swabian Welding at Heilbronn, in his anger free rein, as reported by the police.

The wanted Parking-Dressed in black-and-yellow his Mercedes Benz Vito on a charging Parking space for electric cars. A shopper found him in the way, and gave the Fan with Gestures to understand that he is not allowed to Park in that place. That seemed to be the Dynamo-Dresden -trailer is reason enough to auszuticken. He got out of his car, swore at the man and threatened to run him over. His words, he was then to deeds: The football Fan climbed back into his car, started his car and drove to the buyers. He caught the man on the knee. Now the police searches for the Unknown.

tonight playing Dynamo Dresden away from home against the HSV: The game Live Stream

police are searching for the Unknown

The police is investigating the Unknown because of dangerous interference in road traffic, coercion, threat and bodily harm. These contributions are of interest to our users today:

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The alleged perpetrator was about 1.75 meters tall, between 25 and 30 years old and bald. He wore a red belly bag, as well as a black sweater and black Jogging pants, and each bore the inscription “Dresden”. His vehicle was a blue Mercedes Benz Vito with the Heilbronner indicator.

On the rear window in white letters “SG Dynamo Dresden”. Anyone who has observed the incident or information to the man or his car can make, is to report to the police station Lauffen at the phone number 07133/2090.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit police are searching for the offender, and gives tips on how your child mkm can protect


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