“This voluntary Label is insufficient and not thought through,” he said. Other than between the coalition partners negotiated, capture only parts of the fresh meat range and is not mandatory. For the consumer no real Advantage is apparent. “An efficient labelling system for eggs, the orientation would have to give,” said the Minister. To him the animal seem well label such as a quickly shot, in order not to be entirely of the initiatives of industry and trade suspended. Backhaus is leaving on Wednesday for the opening of the world’s leading trade fair for Biofood to Nuremberg. The exhibition with more than 2900 exhibitors, is open until Saturday. The Minister wants to speak with leading industry associations on the perspectives in organic farming and the twelve exhibitors from the country visit. With nearly 950 certified organic farms farms in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, almost 20 percent of agricultural enterprises are organic. 210 companies in the processing are certified organic according to the Ministry.

Backhaus invited to celebrate the achievements of the farmers, better for the environment. “Healthy food, clean water, a stable diversity of species and climate protection must finally have priority in the promotion,” he said. Just so the natural resources could be preserved and the Image of agriculture improved.

dpa Till Backhaus, Julia Klöckner Nuremberg SPD CDU Label Organic farming the world’s leading trade fair Minister of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, species diversity, climate protection, the Ministry of Commerce as a resource to promote performance


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