“Sent Kramp-Karrenbauer, Merkel not only to the conversation,

“Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung to invite””: “ it is, but everyone knows that it is actually only to you: Angela Merkel. The Chancellor has the CDU-refugee policy in 2015, single-handedly pushed through and splits up today for the party. The hard-filled trenches may at any time tear up again. Since it was not invite sent by its successor, the new CDU leader, Kramp-karrenbauer, Merkel not only to the workshop discussion on refugee policy. The conference would otherwise become a Tribunal. To a lot of many CDU supporters accuse her of, even today. The list of defects is long. At the very top of the loss of control, about the borders and the Migration. This has upset many conservative voters in a sustainable way.”

“for the First time

” Westfalen-Blatt”: it has question done the party, to solve the debate of Angela Merkel” is “The property of the power, the Programmatic and the Personal separate: In the migration policy, the new President Annegret Kramp-karrenbauer and her CDU now in terms of dealing with the past have taken a big step forward. For the first time, has made it to the party, to solve the debate of Angela Merkel – in the double sense of the word. With the new group Chairman Ralph Brinkhaus, and the new Secretary-General Paul Ziemiak at your side AKK wants to trim the CDU back to the discourse of ability. Even if some idea on the coalition partner SPD is likely to fail, wants the role of the CDU as their Guide. At the same time, the party leadership shows ability to learn: an important requirement to reconcile to their own base and win back the voters. And by the way, has emancipated AKK a little more from Angela Merkel to snub without the Chancellor. An art that is necessary, if one day to succeed to the full power transition.”

“It was rescheduled, which it had failed to Merkel”

“Reutlinger General-Anzeiger”: “For this, but was rescheduled something had failed, Merkel. The problems in the field of migration policy were discussed with the country councils, police officers and scientists. It was a kind of stress test with the reality. Thus, the new party boss meets a yearning of many a member of Parliament and CDU members. You will want to join in the discussion and involved. That was a long time in the CDU. This must be the Chancellor to blame. She has ruled and the warning shots of its members is not perceived.”

“disappointed those Who had hoped for a settlement with Angela Merkel, will be”

“Central German newspaper”: “Who had hoped for a settlement with Angela Merkel, will be disappointed, because there is no way to make a distinction. However, this is also due to the fact that not the whole party on the Anti-Merkel-is course. The most important result of the workshop, the conversation would be so, if the understanding of the different bearings for each other would grow, and the grimness of the last few years would give way to a desire for politics.”

“Without effective control of the EU external borders, it is no more than a self-interview”

“Darmstädter Echo”: “Without an effective backup of the external borders of the EU and a pan-European consensus on the distribution of Wool to us, the workshop discussion is nothing more than a self-conversation. Therefore, Angela Merkel, who has failed on this topic is in the workshop. Alone, even in the case of the CSU has been cleared with Horst Seehofer, in the meantime, the one field that has torpedoed since 2015 to make certain compromises. The track for Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer. You will not have to prove that it is the continuation of Angela Merkel by other means. The citizens would follow her to be so willing, if it were possible, the only negative defensive end of the debate about refugees in a Positive, for example, a targeted screening for potential professionals.”

“It is not the case that all of the problems in dealing with refugees would be tackled”

“Stuttgarter Zeitung”: “In the case of the General revision of the refugee policy is in place for a long time, though perhaps not yet in all minds – and of Angela Merkel much too late explains. The subject has not lost his acute sensitivity, the political consequences remain to be felt. And it is not the case that all of the problems in dealing with refugees would be addressed, only because the Numbers are below the notional upper limit for the Horst Seehofer and his CSU at times, the government risked.”

“Vieltönige bandwidth under a tight Union of the roof want to be able to withstand both parties,”

“Stuttgarter Nachrichten”: “the tone set by the “shop talk”. The call for accelerated court proceedings in asylum and immigration matters, as well as a stronger punishment in case of a failed procedure and the powers of the Federal police in the border behavior belongs in the asylum and right of residence. Overdue steps in all. Sure: The CSU, it goes well with Markus Söder focus on the cultural identity of the country. And the CDU also with Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer more on European solutions, the “second protective layer”. This vieltönige bandwidth under a tight Union rooftop, shows at least away from the professional front straightening on this “Workshop”, want to be able to withstand both parties and expand.”

“The Christian Democrats will be able to get Merkel’s migration policy and move on to the AfD,”

people’s voice”: “The past days have shown that the Grand coalition is drifting apart in Berlin is always faster and always more. Both the CDU as well as SPD, are trying to cope with their trauma. The Christian Democrats are to be expected in a “workshop conversation” with Merkel’s migration policy and to move on to the AfD. The social-Democrats throw their Agenda in 2010, in a high arc over Board and approach the Left. Both coalition partners use the coping with the past in order to raise your profile. It has often been complained that the CDU and the SPD, hardly any would differ. That’s in the past now. The voters very clear Alternatives. Well possible, that the CDU and also the SPD to profit from the Profile. Still not clear, however, what is the meaning of the new strategies for the survival of the black-red coalition. Prepares the SPD is actually the exit? The future of the Alliance is more uncertain than ever.”

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit “No more excuses”: a COP says, what brings him the case of deportation to the Despair of ak/, with Agency material


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