The Bulgarian nationals should have attacked the woman in a sexual intention, as a railway embankment sunned. He had choked the 30-year-old woman finally, to cover an attempted rape Verde, the on Monday to the start of the process-picked charge.

many questions are Still open. The court has issued a decision on the legal notice that instead of a sex crime, even an attempted robbery was not appropriate, the alleged perpetrators wanted to cover up. Had it apart, the attacker may be on the mobile phone of the wife?

“at Least the Rock” moved out

of The 25. May 2018 was a very hot day. The Social Media consultant who often worked at home and left, according to the investigation, after long hours of work, your apartment. On a green surface on a nearby railway embankment, she wanted to sunbathe. It is a favorite for the young woman place for such breaks, it was on the edge of the process.

At 16.10 PM, the 30-Year-old was ambushed, according to the investigation. The public Prosecutor assumes, that the Bulgarian had taken the woman in a sexual intention””. He had moved out of the woman “at least the Rock” and is trying her bra strip. When he failed due to strong resistance, he killed them, according to the indictment.

Two days later, a Walker found the body in a Bush. Coroner would have found skin particles of the alleged perpetrator under the nails of the victim that are attributable to the 39-Year-old, told the police a few weeks after the crime. The DNA of the Bulgarians to have been saved because of other crimes in the database.

the process is on 14. February

The 39-Year-old, supposed to have since the beginning of 2018 without a permanent residence in Berlin, stopped, had disappeared after the fact from the capital. He was wanted with a European arrest warrant and the beginning of July, objective investigators taken in the Spanish Burgos. In mid-August, the father of two was extradited to Germany and is since then in custody.

In the investigation procedure, should have made the Bulgarian conflicting information, and sexual intentions rejected. He is said to have declared in a hearing that it was just arrived on the mobile phone of the woman. He didn’t touch her otherwise. The lawyer of the Bulgarians said after the first Day of the trial, for murder in connection with an attempted rape, “there was and is no evidence”. The process is on 14. February continued.

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