no one recognized him in his role as a probationary worker, Patrick, it was first of all hairy: RTL had a gray hair extension jump, the Weckerlein a spontaneous “Oh drew, my God!”. Also, the “Undercover Boss”-camera team wore the transmitter, by pretending to turn to for a different TV Show.

“I recognized I you!”

Perfect Camouflage, you might think, had it not been for the clever seller Karin Bender. If you should Weckerlein be a fashion consulting talent – which was only sparsely available, as it turned out.

After his client, peel only a hair’s breadth of a Sausage-tight jacket had escaped, revealed the 59-year-old fashion-seller Weckerlein under four eyes: “I recognized you!” RTL

“went Bad”

in fact, the “Undercover Boss” Bender had set six years ago. While he seemed to remember was Bender’s untarnished memory. “Gone bad”, so his comment.

Rather badly, it also ran at the side of a decorator Elisa Adamo. “On the topic of fashion, he could inform even more,” said, after she had Weckerlein held, a mannequin Tarnfleck scarf and leopard-Print coat to put on. FOCUS Online

Even worse, it delivery for the business man in a Wöhrl-Alteration. There seamstress Edeltraud Kemmer had created prefer to guess as the first of the pair of scissors to the long hair of your sample worker, which she found “getting used to”.

“Undercover Boss” experienced “the worst Moment”

Since this was not working, they turned, instead, however, Schneider activities. Quickly Kemmer left Weckerlein small tasks, even though the admitted openly to have “no idea” how a sewing machine works. A mistake, as it soon turned out, because during Cutting of a thread of 50 säbelte-Year-old a hole in the lining of a vest.

This was the “worst Moment,” said Weckerlein affected. Most of all he would be engrossed in the “shame”. Also Kemmer was a little pleased, could address the Problem quickly.

Bad eyes problems

to blame for the faux pas with the poor eyes of the Board member were, by the way. Made Weckerlein during the experiment, to create. Normally, the business man’s glasses for his disguise, he had resorted back to old contact lenses, which were no longer adapted to his eyes.

So he couldn’t read in the Store labels, threads not threading and overlooked the one or other Detail. Back in reality, as a Board member Weckerlein looked at the end of the experiment, then, when it came to the evaluation of its employees.

Special impression was made of the 24-year-old seller-Apprentice David Kiss on him. Him Weckerlein promised that he would be taken to his training. In addition, he must participate in a leadership program. “And then you can inherit sometime in the next 15 years of my job,” said Weckerlein.

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