The Land was “technically well prepared” on the six-month presidency, said Juncker of the “world on Sunday”. “I believe, however, that the government has understood, in Bucharest, in the full extent of what it means to preside over the EU countries. For a prudent Act, it also needs to be a willingness to listen to others and to the firm will, their own concerns aside. Since I have some doubts,” said the Commission chief.

in Addition, the internal state is currently so that the country could not occur as a “compact unit” in Europe. “The home needs a United Front to promote during the presidency of the Council of the unity of Europe,” explained Juncker.

Romania, from Austria

Romania assumes on 1. January of Austria until the end of June, the presidency of the EU-countries. In November, the EU had certified Commission Bucharest, significant deficits in the rule of law and the fight against corruption. The reform process in Romania is Stalled, it had been steps made, it said in the report.

Juncker, called for a exclusion of the Hungarian Fidesz party of the conservative party family, the EPP: “I have applied for in the European people’s party, the Hungarian Fidesz party of (former Prime Minister) Viktor Orban ruled out. I think the Christian-democratic values on which the EPP is based, are not longer compatible with the policy of Fidesz.” His application had been rejected, said Juncker.

Here May Juncker to speech, and the camera films it randomly with FOCUS Online/Wochit This is the scene that made the mood at the EU summit tilt final cvh/AFP


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