“We need to as a SPD to make it clear, what sets us apart,” reads a four-page policy paper, entitled “courage contributes to more – Our aspiration for a better Tomorrow”. The paper is the editors ‘ network of Germany.

“We, as the SPD distribution must take in the view”, the deputies. “It is time to take advantage of the changed conditions, sound public finances, unemployment figures at a record low, good economic growth, specifically significant improvements and red tape reductions in the working and social life,” write the how to. “If a social, then we will.”

Specifically, you are asking for an increase in the minimum wage to 12 Euro. “It is undignified that people who work full-time, are in need of more support by the state”, they write. In addition, they demand the abolition of the Agency in its current Form. “Exceptions may be in certain industries, it is reasonable and done, however, only and only then, if an appropriate framework between the employers’ associations and the DGB trade unions was negotiated,” it says.

the introduction of a children’s basic security

the live performance to acknowledge work of people-to-people, want the how to have a longer duration of unemployment benefits, and more generous provisions relating to the assets. To secure living standards in old age, you call for a citizen’s pension for all: “in the Future, the conclusion must be with the supply works of all kinds. It is a must to apply: All the numbers in a Retirement Fund and secure the pension for all.”

The poverty of children you want to benefit recipients through the introduction of a children’s basic security, the increases in credit transfer Child benefit in the case of Hartz IV, higher exemption limits, as well as a state-sponsored employment initiative for a Single combat.

An unconditional basic income the how to give a rejection. The sanctions regime in the Hartz-IV-reference you want to loosen it. “Sanctions should be a last resort to medium and moderately taken,” it says. The stricter sanctions for the under-25-Year-old should be completely abolished.

“There is a need for a European army”

In the environmental policy of the how to ask for a climate-friendly course. “Climate protection is a self-evident task of modern politics,” reads the policy paper. “In the end of the coal-fired power generation, embedded in the energy transition, we see an opportunity for investment and innovation.” In addition, the how to want to strengthen the Image of the SPD as a peace party. “There is a need for a common European defence and arms export policy, and in the long term, of a European army”, they write.

“Our paper is an important contribution to the programme debate in the SPD,” said Dirk Wiese, a spokesman for the how to circle the RND. “Since then, we want to participate actively.” It seeks to sharpen the profile of the SPD as a party of work and of peace. “We want to make the social network more closely,” says Meadow. “And we want to talk more about peace and disarmament issues.”

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, the most popular top-of-the politician of the year, sleigh


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