crisis? What Crisis? The economic experts give the all-clear: you can expect “no global recession”, the economic boom will “weaken only slightly,” and in a “soft landing”. Because the global debt burden is “too high”. That was before the crisis of 2008. We know what really happened: The US real-estate Orgy ended abruptly, banks collapsed, and the economy collapsed in Germany in 2009, to five percent, the largest decrease since the Second world war.

So your money is safely through the crisis, FOCUS Magazin Verlag

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The 33 most important strategies for your assets

And 2019? Even today, the duration will stir optimists: the “no speculative bubbles” or “see no risk of a China Crash”. And hold the world-record debt for something, “not necessarily Bad”, as Olivier Blanchard, Ex-chief economist of the International monetary Fund.


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