It goes for Germany’s oldest party, after all, to Survive in the first division of the political powers, even if many of the warehouse staff don’t want to the left and the right have the middle still true.

The unheard-message of Modernity is: the social Democrats are not able to live without this world. But this world can live without the social Democrats. Once the Dutchman Wim Kok was the proud flagship of European social-democracy. Today, the force of the politician ranks just above five percent. Once the German Comrades, looked awesome on the socialist President François Mitterand. There, where his throne stood, is now a giant crater that has swallowed the French socialists. The Person

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social-democracy has people who are carved from Chancellor wood

The German social democracy is not in any comfortable, but in a better location. Under the Heading “Chancellor wood,” I had published at the beginning of the hype, to Martin Schulz in the “Handelsblatt”, the following Text seems to me still to read: The social democracy has people who are carved from Chancellor wood. Party chief Sigmar Gabriel as Minister of the economy, a good figure. As Vice Chancellor, he urged Merkel to his policy, and then its President.

The First mayor of Hamburg and former labor Minister, Olaf Scholz, has to be also mentioned. The Hamburg-based lawyer, is a man of the doctrine of the mean, which will give people in the age of overwhelming confidence. The world trembles, Scholz.

And when he falls, as after the deselection of the Schröder government, then he stands up again. The wood from which it is constructed is tough, but not hardened. It is still working.

The nomination of Martin Schulz does not fall into this highest grade. Therefore, the Church does not belong to the village and Schulz to the Chancellery. And who does not belong to the Chancellor’s office, is not part of the list of candidates. This truth remains a truth, if you house is currently in the Willy-Brandt-nobody’s listening.

to the left, it goes to Fantasia, the land of the self-bred dreams

Two years and a painful learning experience later, the SPD in the exact same fork in the road. On the left it goes to Fantasia, the land of the self-bred dreams. Martin Schulz is not the way, he disguised himself only. He now looks like Andrea Nahles.

to the Right, the path leads over the cliff. In the middle there is no warranty on the Chancellery, but at least the hint of a Chance here again to collect. The path is fixed and well: Brandt, Schmidt, Schroeder signposted, but Clinton, Blair and Obama are gone. All, the now show with hot heart on Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn should hold for a second. Both politicians are credible opposition figures, are hard-working drummer for the cause of the oppressed, but the heads of government in waiting, they are not. The way you want to go, and ends in the self-isolation of good feelings. Gregor Fischer/dpa, The SPD-tip prior to your exam session

Who’s going to sharp to the left, indented at the Chancellery over

the Psyche of The German voters does not allow for such antics. Who’s going to sharp to the left, passing moves at the Chancellery. The world is extremely enough: The climate, the financial markets, the Islamist Holy warriors, and Donald Trump to beat in the big arena of your daily antics. The audience barely knows where his head is. In the age of Overload, the longing of the season is, therefore, not to socialism, but a normality.

you Must make the SPD, therefore, where Gerhard Schröder has stopped? In any case, that When the world since then, wealthy and unjust, the climate is heated, the women’s movement of the provocation at last to be taken for granted penetrated; if the low-wage sector us recovery and at the same time, a new service proletariat gave is the archive of the nineties, not a source of raw materials, but a legacy. A new, no less impatient Generation has the right to the fact that the social democracy is troubled for you. Prefer five contradictions as a stale Slogan. Better two ideas than a hundred of the rituals.

< p > social-democracy, which handled only generous with the money of others, is fighting a losing battle

The film producer Arthur Cohn (American Dream, “The children of Monsieur Mathieu” ) took place yesterday at the Gala “Cinema for Peace” from the Hand of Gerhard Schröder, the price for his life’s work. He thanked his parents for having him given “roots and wings”. The roots of Tradition and wings, taught him to realize his cinematic dreams.

One of the SPD, which wants to have success, you must offer your constituents just that: the roots of the origin and the wing to Overcome the same. Only the combination of social stability and rise of dream, of reinsurance and progress promise to generate a political message, which sets energy free. A social democracy, which handled only generous with the money of the other, and politics as a continuation of arms supply to understand, is fighting a losing battle.

Scholz must have more feeling, as he may

may be the challenge for The SPD and for Scholz is not a very easy: The party needs to invest more sanity than you currently possess and Scholz must have more feeling, than he can possibly. And perhaps, lurking in the dead angle of these mutual limitations is a Chance for Sigmar Gabriel, was finally pushed from his party, but only of Martin Schulz to the outside line.

The SPD, I was actually only in her talent a couple of Billets of the grade of the Chancellor of the wood shed, well. The party has every reason for exertion, and not to despair. And if she’s still desperate, they must know how to use this energy to drive now. Or to say it with Franz Kafka: “My fear is the Best of what I have.”

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