Full steam ahead, everything on one card: minimum wage-perspective of 12 Euro, citizens money instead of Hartz IV, the basic pension without a means test, children’s basic security from a single source, individual working time accounts for further training and plenty of room for families-take Care of-phase. Economically it is like to sit in the plans of the social Democrats, the thickness of the question mark, in times, in which Germany seems economically on a difficult Phase of moving, from all. Party tactically this is a 360 degree social program for the SPD, something like the last attempt. If the does not work, it remains only to Give up.

The Adherence to the Agenda,-course of Gerhard Schröder, the SPD led further and further down. A whole squad of party leaders – just as the revenant discussed leaders Sigmar Gabriel and Martin Schulz – also have not brought the hoped-for success. Andrea Nahles is the beat for months, more than. So, now, the liberation from the moderate, business-friendly course in the middle, curve to the left, wait and see what happens.

is still The first thing that happens with security: This coalition is water in dangerous driving. Because if the put a sail to the left, while the other struts to the right, then the direction of the Grand coalition ship is in control. And: It will move a little forward.

Because the CDU has proclaimed to the start of the week a new course – you will train in order to train a targeted correction of their fugitive course. In Share you can pulls, although only communicative, which was also under Angela Merkel’s double the Auspices of the longer-lived policy. Nevertheless, The CDU is trying increasingly Conservative – with a straightforward cool language, which is, in turn, rejected by the leadership of the social Democrats in a rigorous manner.

power as a coalition-putty

only the representatives of the three parties come together on Wednesday in the coalition Committee, but this is where worlds collide. The partners have raised their profile in order to score points for their own followers, or those who were once your followers. The result: The Partner will be even more shy. Since the power is most valuable putty of a coalition that didn’t fit right from the start.

The CDU has deleted her Boss in the last few weeks – to prevent an economic downturn. Kramp-Karrenbauer control relies on a Reform of the company, in order to reduce taxes for the businesses. And: she wants to abolish the solidarity surcharge for all complete, so for the ten per cent Better-off to pay according to the coalition agreement would have. Here, too, so the Union is aiming precisely in the direction other than the SPD. If one at one end and the other at the other end, then you could tear something.

Approaching the SPD to the Left?

The exit from the coalition is not the stated desire of the SPD, as collateral damage, but it leading social Democrats would take the safe in purchasing, as soon as the light would up be movement in the polls in the next few weeks as a real Trend. If the content of the return orientation of the SPD also follows a tactical and strategic, it will show this year. A coalition with the Left in the Federal government could come for the SPD soon out of the taboo zone in a debatable area. The whole political landscape is there to measure just new.

but For now, the Union and the SPD have to do with each other. Their followers on the Basis of a disillusionment is about to soon. Because of the high expectations generated by the SPD and the CDU, now for “your people”, you have to disappoint. Because, in fact, the CDU and the SPD to be successful braking to each other, the reality of your beautiful plans to the pure black and pure red teaching. The gratification of our own clientele will be exhausted, probably in a new mental feeling of togetherness and distant future plans. For the Frustrated, the individual parties that may be enough for the first. The country but threatening still. Stalemate as a program.

voters can. your duties

For voters, after all, at this stage there are two pieces of good news: you get more real choices Union and SPD don’t go longer than only a great political centre-Same, but different. Fundamentally. And the start of 2019 has shown in all of this, something Pleasing: The partners have moved the content significantly from each other. In tone but both sides were consciously civil. So these weeks are an important contribution to the debate culture in a country that has forgotten how the civil dispute almost. Factual loss argue without drastic Level – this is not a long time in this country.

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