We are all getting older? We are working on that. But there is one important factor that suppressed the overall life expectancy down: A quarter of adults is obese, so obese. In this category, people with a BMI of at least 30. Thus, the risk for many diseases of atherosclerosis, cancer, stroke increases and the life time is shortened by more than ten years.

Obesity is perhaps the most dangerous global epidemic. Each year, the number of people Affected is increasing, currently there are in Germany, according to the Robert Koch Institute, nearly 70 percent of men and every second woman.

Properly losing weight: Why diets

must fail Actually, these facts are inexplicable, because there are countless diets and weight reduction programs. However, most diets fail, this is known for a long time. 90 percent of the declining consent and agree to weigh even more than before the diet-attempt, are a victim of the yo-yo effect.

The reasons nutrition scientists to cover first now slowly. With the most important insight: A simple equation, which was previously considered the first and most important law for weight control, this is not true for many Obese. It read:

Overweight = the Person has eaten more calories than burned

The calorie balance for the day to a closing

“wore a To say fat is a Problem of energy balance, addiction is just as you would argue, fever comes due to a temperature imbalance,” says Andrew Greenberg, a Professor at the medical school of Tufts University and the Friedman School.

Both attack. So fever is a defensive reaction of the body. And a negative calorie balance is not always associated with weight loss. About the many, Chubby can sing a song, lose constantly mortify and little food, but still not weight. On the other hand, there are many people who burn a day eat more than you in power and still slim. PDF lose weight without going Hungry, Our PDF guide will show you twelve facts about losing weight and how you can reach your desired weight even without diet.To the PDF guide

sports slim device will burn the most energy, but the brain functions

the second act – who moves on a daily basis, through recent studies falter. Thus, subjects participated in a study on the subject of to lose weight with Sport and were not slim as expected. Apart from the elite sport movement is overrated as a calorie burner thus far. Not a bit of recreational sport burns a lot of calories, but in reality, our brain is a real energy-eater. It is about a quarter of the total energy consumed – although the brain only accounts for two percent of body weight.

But who now thinks with the brain and language learning diminish is wrong, unfortunately. The calorie demand will have risen only a little. Most of the energy, by the way, exclusively in the Form of glucose, is processed by the brain in the case of activities of which we are consciously aware of nothing, such as the Hormone production and the control of metabolism and organ functions.

no Matter whether Desk workers, or gardeners: calorie needs is equal to

, Then the lifestyle would have to be the decisive factor – our Western permanent Seats is often regarded as the root of the obesity epidemic. Also was able to disprove a study. Scientists compared the daily calorie needs of a typical (sedentary) Americans with those of an African tribe who lives as a collector. The calorie requirements in both groups was the same: Around 2600 kcal for men, and almost 2000 in the case of women, although originally still living Africans are constantly moving and rarely a day sitting.

Some foods make get fat, others slim

However, the collectors were slimmer than the seat of Westerners. There are several explanations. The obvious: with little movement, a lot more calories took daily, as it corresponded to your daily requirement (more than 500, what to speak permanently is likely, in any case, literally the weight of fall).

Much more influence is likely to have it, however, what foods are eaten. And the differences between the two groups. Certain foods are associated with weight gain, others with loss, says Andrew Greenberg. His studies have shown that approximately the following food lead especially quickly to be Overweight:

  • potatoes, whether boiled or fried (due to their high content of starch )
  • white flour products
  • sugar

in Contrast, support weight loss:

  • vegetables
  • fruit
  • nuts
  • yogurt

The scientist goes so far, that he who feeds in the first place with these cheap foods, so much you can eat until he is full and not still, as in the case of the collectors, who prefer primarily plant-based diet.

fiber make calorie harmless

The explanation of this lies in the fiber, as they deliver vegetables, fruit and nuts in abundance. With indigestible ballast substances in the body calories excretes unused. Thus, the plant fiber evidence make you slim, like a further investigation.

In this study, two groups of slimming were able to agree on the same diet eating the same daily amount of calories. However, all of the grain products were in a group made of full-grain, the other peeled and processed. The full-grain group burned around 100 calories more per day – an amount that can result in a year to three kilograms of weight loss. PDF Now Our PDF guide slimming with 50 of the best diet tricks shows you how to boost your metabolism and the yo-Yo effect trick.To the PDF guide

Key roles: metabolism and genes

ballast substances change the metabolism positively. However, metabolism, satiety, Hunger, and the number of fat cells are not influenced. Much of this complex Interaction is due to the system. That is why some people lose weight easily, or are slim and remain so, others are struggling despite great efforts constantly against Obesity.

the brain on the right foods

programming, But you can hope. Because with the right diet, the appetite is changing. The desire for healthy food, which makes rather slender than thick, thus: – fiber foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole-grain rich products and protein such as fish, poultry, and yogurt. The appetite for Pizza, burgers, fries, and candy fades.

Sounds untrue? But, as a six-month study recently showed more than half of the subjects fed with the listed, high-fiber and protein – rich foods, also received tips on how to: Prior to the lunch meeting to eat, because there is always Pizza is served. The control group, however, ate normal.

at intervals, were carried out the brain scans of the subjects, and various foods were shown. The reward center responded in the brain of subjects is becoming more and more healthy food. The appetite for full-grain and fruit grew so Fast Food appealed to. After the end of the study, the subjects lost an average of eight kilos, the control group, almost a increased.

Genetic predisposition

outwit-Even if it just is for people who are genetically pre-charged, difficult: With the right foods and a bit of perseverance it can be done anyway. Maybe it’s already a small consolation that calorie was overrated. So it is definitely easier, healthy food practical in everyday life and to be permanently, not on the Quick slim.

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