The carried out a breath alcohol test resulted in a value of 1.0 ppm. A misdemeanor display was initiated and the further travel is prevented.

Kurtz after 07:00 the 08.02.2019 went to the driver of a Car Golf Kaatschen the country road of large herring in the direction of-Weichau. Approximately 800 metres downstream of large herring lay a brick on the lane. Due to oncoming traffic, you can’t Dodge the stone and collided in the consequence of with this. Here, the Golf and the road surface were damaged. In the case of the accident, it was found that the stone from the rock wall, on the right side of the lane comes. Behind the protective banquets, several larger stones, which fell from the rock wall were already. The driver came with the horror of it.

This post is provided by: state police inspection Jena/news up to date. An editorial review by FOCUS Online has not taken place.

state police inspection Jena/news aktuell


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