there was a plurality of persons controls, where illegal fireworks from the Czech Republic and Poland found and were seized. In Detail:

at 22:40, Wernburger way, a man (45 years old, male, German) ignites two firecrackers, and is controlled in the port. It could be 10 “La Bomba”, and seized found.

at 23:40, upper grave road, a man (21 years old, male, German) lit a firecracker and was controlled subsequently. There are still two poles could be firecrackers and seized found.

at 01:05, straubel street, from a larger group of people, a firecracker is thrown in the direction of a distance from the pedestrian. The group of people was controlled.

A teenager (16 years old, male, German) had 8 poles-firecrackers in his backpack. The youth was handed over to his parents.

another teenager (17 years old, male, German) had pocket 8 firecrackers “DUM BUM” in his jacket.

An adult (19 years old, male, German) had a prohibited firecrackers.

The prohibited firecrackers were confiscated and a criminal investigation because of a violation of the explosives act initiated.

While the control group were found also seven firecrackers DUM BUM in an adjacent building entrance, which no one wanted. On a Manhole and a baggie with a small amount of marijuana was found, what was also, of course, no one from the group.

This post is provided by: state police inspection Saalfeld/news up to date. An editorial review by FOCUS Online has not taken place.

state police inspection Saalfeld/news aktuell


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