The basic pension without a means test, the dramatic extension of unemployment benefits up to 33 months, the children’s basic security – the sterntaler policy of the SPD follows not only an always existing inner compass, but also the external constraints. You can’t explain without: the rise of the AfD and the Greens, the upcoming elections in the East and the spirit of the times.

“future unemployment?”

Where to give one thing clear: The SPD-concept of the Heading “future in work” – is the maximum brave. As a result of (implementation) of this program will be essential: The work is more expensive and taxes have to be increased, which is why the SPD is needed once a day to your store to unpack the guardians of the higher taxes for “the wealthy,”, the scourge of the top tax rate hits long ago, the working middle class.

Dangerous is the increase in the minimum wage: a daring Test to the resilience of the self-employed middle class, and in economically more difficult times. “Future in work” i.e. “future unemployment?” Perhaps the SPD is back turning a damage for the country. About the author: Ulrich Reitz

Ulrich Reitz worked as a correspondent in the world, was in the starting team of FOCUS, which he led, and was a total of 17 years as editor-in-chief of the two largest German regional newspaper “WAZ” and “Rheinische Post”. He deals with the societal consequences of digitalization, the cultural foundations of Germany and the Performance of its elites in politics and the economy. Reitz sees itself as economically ordoliberal and politically conservative. He appreciates the well-maintained controversy.

calculus of SPD

Tactically, the calculus of the social Democrats In Germany’s East is hardly an Argument weighs as heavy as this, as it was before: for the many refugees money at once as we have hoped for years, in vain. From this context, the AfD attracts a large part of their strength. Because the SPD does not want to revise its refugee policy remains the Revision of the state’s expenditure policy, translated for East German voters: We have money for refugees, but we have even more money for you. This is the first part of the course correction.

The second follows on the grown. As Hartz IV, it was decided that Germany was a country in crisis: unemployment was high, the coffers were empty. The Schröder government gave the due Kassensturz, a frightened look in the yawning Emptiness. As in the zero years of the spirit of the times was the neo – liberal Bill Clinton, Tony Blair and Gerhard Schröder formed a social-liberal axis, and made policy for a “new middle” – was followed by the “Agenda” of a liberal Credo: Who wants money from the state, so the General public, ergo, of all Others, you must first prove that he needs it really. Therefore, the means tests and sanctions.

SPD is struggling with social money

Today, more than 15 years later, the spirit of the times a mix of national populist and compassionate conservative. The Neoliberal has faded. And Germany is not a crisis case anymore, but a booming country – the state coffers are not empty, but full. Therefore, there is a Renaissance of the distribution policy in the case of the two traditional parties: the SPD is struggling with social money against rampant fears of a Descent into the middle class, the CDU subscribes to subsidies a “National industrial strategy” – a fracture is both. Had not proclaimed the Union in the past years, the international battle for the future of the industry will European won or lost, and Germany was much too small for a national road?

“The Compassionate” is one of the SPD/Union-party across the mercy for the world’s Persecuted (but not only) on the one hand, this has recently been complemented by the empathy for diesel drivers with a German passport on the other side. The SPD Minister of the environment must be silent about a speed limit, the CDU-Chairman, attacked the German environmental aid and renovated a too-good-faith refugee policy; and driving bans in inner cities, will find at once, the Munich mayor, a social Democrat, is inappropriate. In General, the threat of social costs of Climate back in Germany, this is a welcome culture in the center – for the first Time in many years.

Social-Renaissance in the SPD

The Social-Renaissance, the social democratic party and the National Renaissance at the Union’s borders, and both of the new competition from the Greens and the AfD. This explains why the leadership of the Union will have surprisingly much understanding for the for their Survival as a people’s party, fighting the SPD and the social Democrats to their pet program not to scale raise for the continued existence of the Grand coalition. The wise group, Chairman of the Union, Ralph Brinkhaus, know exactly the best reinsurance against excessive Green, and the Alternative is a strong Union and a strengthening of the SPD. It is the tactical battle for the best Existing against the uncertain New. New elections just doesn’t fit in this concept.

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